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About us

Our company has been operating on the Czech market since 1992 and has developed strong position during this period thanks to its reliability and permanently high quality of imported products. Today we are one of the largest importers of canned fish and instant noodles. We have our own department in Bangkok, Thailand where majority of our goods are imported from. Thanks to our department in Bangkok we are able to satisfy even the most demanding requests of our customers - for example mixed cartons, special packaging according to customers request etc. We also import goods from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, Iceland, Morocco and some other countries.

The majority of our range consists of canned fish and sea food. We have more than 50 products imported under FIVE STAR and ASIANA trademarks, which are popular among the costumers thanks to their permanently high quality as well as reasonable prices.

Another part of our range consists of instant noodle soups and instant fried noodles, which are imported under YUM YUM and INDOMIE trademarks. We are sole distributor of YUM YUM and INDOMIE for the Czech and Slovak market.

We also supply several Supermarket chains with private labels.